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Cheers to goodbyemrblue

Hey girls,
How you all doing? I've been having a good couple of days. I realised I cannot live on 300cals because I just can't concentrate in class or do my homework, and I'm in year 12 and I really want to get into Law. So I decided to eat 800cals, it's working good because I haven't been binging and it gives me enough energy to finish all my work. :)
Okay, so here's what I eat today :)

9:30 - Breakfast
- yogurt + 250mls water 66CALS

11:00 - Recess
- apple + small piece of boiled fish 250mls water 180CALS

4:00 - Lunch
- lean chicken and salad sandwich 350CALS

+ 200CALS OF JILAPEES (I shouldn't have but, it gave me a sugar high.) 


TOTAL - 796CALS (Just scraped through :)

2hrs run/walk - anyone know how many cals that burned
I don't really feel guilty but the sugar high, because I burnt it off with running which I hate because it's so bad for you're knee.
Anyway, I have a Modern History speech on Russia tomorrow and it's like worth 20% of my school exam marks so wish me luck.

hope you're all doing well :)
cheers to goodbyemrblue for posting like ten times? :) haha.. and your comment on "catering to all countries(something like that)" i don't know why but it made my day :) thank you.
stay strong girls :)

xox Clara

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