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I ate 411 calories for lunch :(.... The fuuuuck is going on with me today?

Altogether I'm on 861 calories today.. So I have 39 calories left to last me the next 10 hours that I'm awake. I don't want to eat fruit because of the high sugar content, but I really, really don't want to binge later! Any suggestions?

I want to work my fat ass to pieces at gym today! BUT... My friend's coming over in an hour to drop off some weed that I gave him money for yesterday.. Argh, I haven't smoked in so long, I know as soon as I get it I'll smoke a bong, then get the munchies, then be too lazy to go to gym.

NO... I will go to gym, even if I'm stoned and half asleep. I will crawl on the effing treadmill if I have to.

Wish me luck, today is not going well at all for me.. Hope everything's sunny on your side ladies!

xxx Sam
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