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angels_of_ana's Journal

Angels of Ana
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Giving support to those with eating disorders
Captivated. Obsessed. Passionate.

Angels of Ana is for girls/boys who need support with their eating disorders.
This is not a place to find "tipz and trickz" this is a PRO-SUPPORT community.
This is not a place to find a "anabuddy" or "fasting bud".
You must have an eating disorder to join.
Please contact a '2envy' Or winterxgirl1220 if there is anything you need to talk to us about.


1. You must have an eating disorder to join. (B)
2. If you believe eating disorders are a “lifestyle choice”, don’t waste my time, leave before I ban you. (B)
3. Comment in as many posts as you can  It gives them support and keeps the community going.
4. If you post anything drug related, a detailed binge/purge, self-harm etc. Please put in it under a cut. To do a cut <*lj-cut*> drug-related<*/lj-cut*> without the asterisks (*). (D)
5. No food thinspo or reverse thinspo. There are a lot of larger girls and guys out there and it really brings them down. (D)
6. No promoting other diet/ed communites, websites, basically anything that’s not AOA. (D)
7. Please do not post posts/tips/questions on how to illegally obtain drugs. (B)
8. Do not make derogatory remarks about fat people. (D)
9. Bullying. Do I really need to go into this? (B)
10. Please “white out” names of foods – it can be every triggering. (D)
11. English posting only. And “heY wAz Up pEepZ i neEd sUm tiPz pLz” is not english. (D)
12. No obscene profanity, if you do, under a labelled cut please. (Alot of people ask why I have this rule, when it is wildly accepted in our society to use these word, my simple reason: Stop acting like wild, uneducated hobos (no offence), we have been gifted with the beauty of speech, buy yourself a thesaurus.)
13. All posts must be members only. (D)
14. Be nice (:

(B) – If you disobey this rule you will be banned with no warnings
(D) – If you disobey this rule the first couple of time your post will be deleted, but if you keep on making the same mistake, you’ll be banned.
*If you have a blank profile/journal you probably won't get accepted :)

On your first post please let us know (this lets us know if you have read the rules etc.):

- Your name, are what you want be referred as (e.g. most use their usernames: 2envy, but you can use you real name/nickname). Surnames aren’t necessary.
- Where you’re from (e.g. Perth, Australia)
- What type of ED you have (Anorexia etc.)
- History of your ED (e.g. I have had a ED since I was 13 etc.) – you don’t have to go into too much detail.
- And anything else you want to add :)
STATS AREN'T NEEDED (unless you want to).